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Hello and welcome to the official Swiss Empire Wiki. We appreciate your support and hope that you will continue to help our community grow. Feel free to create and personalize your own page for your: Character, Guild, Nation, and Roleplay stories. (Make sure to check spelling and grammar!) If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Administration Team. Thank you for visiting the Swiss Empire Wiki.


The Administration

Please see our Policies page for more information. 


  • The Swiss Political Parties have been reorganized. Are you a Monarchial Party member or a Constitutional Party member?
  • War has broken out! Please visit this page for details.
  • Please view this link for information on the declaration.
  • The Swiss have landed in the strange subcontinent of Minecraftia.
  • A Wiki Switch is in progress!

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  • King Yellowfish I

    I have resurrected the Swiss Empire. All members and positions will be to stay as is.

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  • That Time Travelling Lady

    As the official foreign relations ambassador of the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order, I hereby announce the declaration of war on the Swiss Empire, for their senseless war declaration on our ally, Law's Brigade.

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  • Johnny Goldtimbers

    Peace between the Kingdom of Prussia and the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland has been made.The terms are as followed:

    • Prussia cedes North Africa (border be at the present-day Suez Canal) to the British Empire
    • Britain breaks all ties and formally denounces the despot, "King" Yellowfish 
    • Prussia le…
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